Monday, 5 December 2011

Trying Singaporean dishes with a healthy twist

My life in Singapore has been smooth-sailing and easygoing, so far. Since I decided to work in the Lion City, I’ve almost always eaten out and chosen Singapore food options depending on my mood. While my first few months in the country have mostly been mindless eating – going wherever co-workers wanted to eat and choosing whatever suited my fancy – lately I’ve been more conscious about what I eat, so I choose halal eateries.

Discovering good Singapore restaurants serving halal foods can happen by chance. You never know what you’re gonna get in terms of food and service, unless you’ve actually tried visiting them. Some halal-certified Singapore restaurants really debunk the notion that healthy food is plain and bland tasting. Others are just so-so.

Take for instance this halal Chinese seafood restaurant that my friends and I discovered while cruising Changi Road. I must say, Singaporean food always tickles my tastebuds. Our meal at Chai Chee Seafood Restaurant pleased our palates, but we really weren’t the finicky type.

We had cereal prawns that looked crunchy on the outside and succulent inside. If you like experimenting in the kitchen, you’ll wonder how cereal prawn is made. To cook this Singapore food, you need to have at hand some curry leaves, chopped chillies, a couple of egg yolks, evaporated milk and the cereal prawn mix.

The menu offerings at Chai Chee Seafood Restaurant are nothing to crow about, but they’re good enough to ease hunger pangs and satisfy both Muslim and non-Muslim customers. My friends and I tried other Singapore food like fried sea bass with sweet-sour & spicy sauce, crispy noodles, and baby squids in oyster sauce, plus the Kangkong kembal. Overall, the meal was good. T’was okay but lacked the “wow” factor. We weren’t brought to gastronomic heaven, but we nonetheless enjoyed eating Singaporean food amidst a relaxing ambience with friendly dining staff.


  1. i love halal food, but these are all chinese restaurants, do you know any halal italian food in Singapore?

  2. VivItalia at Courts Megastore, 50 Tampines North Drive 2