Thursday, 15 December 2011

Finding Healthy & Tasty Grub in Singapore

My life in Singapore has recently switched to fast mode. When you go to places buzzing with activity, you feel the frenetic pace. This is `specially felt in the hawker stalls, among the best places to eat in Singapore.

At the most popular hawker centers, I imagine people nodding to each other, as if asking “where’s the best grub?” When you’re at the heart of the hawker stalls, and an assortment of tasty-looking dishes are laid out before you, and you see long queues and satisfied looks afterwards in diners’ faces, the question is answered.

Singapore food stalls are teeming with the flavors of various countries. Local eats reflect influences of several cultures that have left their gastronomic marks on Singapore dining tables. I particularly adore delicious pasta concoctions and succulent seafoods. Need I say that I also crave for the famous Singapore chili crab once in a rare while? Who doesn’t? Maybe only those allergic to seafoods.

Being a Muslim who wants to eat right, finding good places to eat in Singapore (eateries that adhere to good sanitary conditions and use natural ingredients, too) makes me heave a huge sigh of relief. Let’s zero in for now on a specific place – Tampines. While hanging out at Tampines with classmates, we discovered Italian restaurants as well as laksa stalls, a vegetarian eatery, and noodle stalls offering delicious halal food options.

We went to Tampines to trade in old gadgets for better ones, and we got more than we bargained for. We ended up savoring good eats that the locals are just crazy about. Wending one’s way into the hawker stalls, the best places to eat in Singapore, is not for the faint-hearted (the heat, the crowd, and the pulsating atmosphere can smother you), but for me, it’s a nice adventure!

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