Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Tasty Crabs & Other Discoveries in Balestier Road

In the old days, there seemed to be no mainstream halal food. Nowadays, it’s good to find eateries that not only bring excitement to the palate but are halal-certified, too. Got invited to a lunch birthday gathering at 10 Mouths Seafood in Balestier Road and I must say, the Italian chilli crab I ate was delicious!

If you’re wondering why I refer to the tasty crab as Italian, well, it’s mainly because it’s cooked in a rich-tasting red tomato-chili sauce. The delightful sauce harmonizes well with tender crab meat, making for one super duper tasty meal.

When I eat out, I don’t always go for traditional ethnic dishes when they dine out, though tacos, buffalo wings, thin crust vegetarian pizza and curry dishes suit me fine. The restaurant’s take on Italian chilli crab – as I prefer to call it – is actually just moderately spicy with a delightful sweetness to it. Reminded me of a halal Italian restaurant in Tampines also serving tasty Italian chilli crab.

After digesting my sumptuous meal, I walk along Balestier Road and I find a bakery shop. Hmmm. Freshly baked bread is almost as comforting as grandma’s homemade cookies. With Italian chilli crab still on my mind, I head home and wonder where my next gastronomic journey will be. Most probably a restaurant with a steamboat buffet. Or perhaps one offering mixed Italian, Western food and Asian cuisines – where there’s a mouth-watering spread of sashimi, tempura, dim sum, lobster salad, meat dishes, and of course the spicy Singapore chilli crab. How I love dining out in Singapore!

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