Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Yummy, Satisfying Foods in Halal-Certified Restaurants

I love partaking of authentic cuisine in a restaurant that not only brings nostalgic feelings to the fore, but also adheres to strict hygienic standards. Halal restaurants in Singapore hit the spot as far as offering eats for people who want to live life well. Thank goodness there are now many of these in Singapore. Beyond the halal food courts and coffee shops, there are family dining establishments smack in the busiest neighborhoods or retail complexes like Tampines that are halal certified.

A good place to hie off with friends or family members is Seoul Garden Korean BBQ. My best friend’s family visited Singapore recently and we enjoyed the Korean-style barbecue buffet of Seoul Garden. Among various places to eat in Singapore, Tampines mall dining establishments have become rising stars. An example is Seoul Garden. We liked the coffee-marinated bulggogi. It was a winner! Other menu offerings that diners around us seemed to enjoy were the deep-fried chicken wings and pizzas. Diners in this halal restaurant went away full, happy, and willing to return again. At the end of the day, I guess the large number of repeat customers is one indication of whether restaurants in Singapore will thrive.

The atmosphere at the halal restaurant in Tampines is festive. The food offerings offered good value for money. After dining at Seoul Garden, it dawned on me that there’s more to Korean cuisine than kimchis. After my authentic Korean dining experience, I intend to venture next into an authentic Italian gastronomic journey. I spotted a family-friendly halal restaurant in Tampines, and I’ve marked it down as my next stopover among the many promising restaurants in Singapore.

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