Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Enjoying Halal Eats with Friends

Sampling wonderful eats in Singapore as a group can be a fun experience. It can be even better if you’re assured that what you’re eating is excellent food that suits everyone in your circle of friends. In short, it’s permissible or agreeable to you and to your Muslim friends. Good news is, Singapore’s best recipes are offered by a number of halal-certified restaurants.

My gang of friends and I discovered that there are so many delightful culinary choices that can suit everybody’s needs & requirements in Singapore. Whether we’re craving for Chinese-Singaporean foods or an Italian dish with an Asian twist, or looking for a quick bite in a fastfood restaurant, food places with halal best recipes get our nod of approval.

Some halal-certified dining destinations we’ve tried are VivItalia at the Tampines Courts Megastore (where we sampled Italian-style best recipes for pizzas, pasta, fish & chips, and chilli crab); and Golden Bay Seafood Restaurant at the West Coast Highway (when we celebrated the birthday of one of our buddies). Golden Bay’s traditional Chinese best recipes for dimsum, Peking Duck, soups like Bird’s Nest, and noodles (which were well-seasoned), made us so full we could hardly walk out of the restaurant.

Besides Tampines, we’ve also stumbled into international food stalls in food centers like those in Changi Village Road, Pasir Ris that are halal-certified. What my friends and I enjoy a lot is dining in a relaxed dining spot with mouth-watering Singapore best recipes, such a Hokkien Prawn Mee, porridge, and other palate pleasers, prepared the traditional way by local chefs.

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