Sunday, 13 November 2011

Enjoying Halal in Singapore

Entertaining friends or clients in Singapore and looking for a halal restaurant? There are several restaurants serving halal food in Singapore. Seafoods, vegetable dishes, even meats that are butchered correctly, and delicacies made of natural ingredients can be classified as halal. Among the recognized halal restaurants in Singapore is Fig & Olive in Pasir Ris. This restarant, which passed the halal standards set by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore, offers Mediterranean cuisine like chicken BBQ pasta and veggie dishes. The upscale bistro café also serves western, European and Asian foods.

Another option if you’re in East Pasir Ris is BBQ Chicken Restaurant which serves healthy foods cooked in olive oil (for a healthy kick) or barbecued. Discerning diners notice when quality takes a dip in restaurants they’ve been visiting, and they choose to explore better options elsewhere in Singapore. A good example of a must-visit food place for delectable eats is Rajah Mas Café located at the Orchid Country Club, 1 Orchid Club Road, Yishun. The restaurant’s black pepper chilli crab, big butter prawns and other succulent entrees are worth checking out.

Another must-visit dining destination is the award-winning Amirah's Grill Restaurant & Café, which serves exotic food fare like Turkish mixed kebab served with fragrant Arabic rice, mixed seafoods consisting of fresh mussels, squids, sea bass and king prawns, plus yummy desserts like the Basbousa originating from Egypt.

If you and your family or friends want to alternate your pizza and chilli crab food adventures with halal eating, hie off to the food courts for healthy picks. Foodies in search for good-tasting food options can also get to sample Singaporean halal dishes not just in coffee shops or fine dining Mediterranean restaurants but also at hawker stalls. Indeed, halal restaurants in Singapore that serve tasty and healthy cuisine are a welcome sight, both for Muslim diners and regular customers who are accustomed to non halal eats but looking for wholesome food options.


  1. This blog is good! It's a relief to know that Singapore is home to lots of Halal restaurants.

  2. Thanks! Yes, there are several halal restaurants you can enjoy in Singapore, whether you're with family, friends, or a solo act